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Routing Digital Boards to Avoid Problems


Susy Webb
Design Science

Skill Level

 4min 7sec

There are many ways to route a PCB, some much more effective for signals than others. The first design rule is that the board must work properly, so it is important to have a plan that addresses good signal quality and crosstalk control, no matter what the frequency. In this presentation, we will start with a bit of the science to set up the reasoning for routing a certain way, then move into return current and impedance control, with a discussion of what affects those things. Starting route with an effective fanout plan sets up what is to come, and we will also explore general routing priorities and concerns. To avoid problems, routing schemes will be addressed, along with spacing, differential pair and length matched routing. Last, pros and cons of hand routing, semiautomation, and autorouting will be examined.

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