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Welcome to Printed Circuit University

The tuition-based Design Excellence curricula consists of:

- Design Excellence Certificate (DEC) courses, which includes a final exam and a certificate
- Design Excellence Lecture Series

Built on the robust, established and time-proven beTheSignal platform, this curricula features instruction by Dr. Eric Bogatin. The content is available with a subscription to a single certificate course or an annual subscription.

New at the U


•         PCB Libraries' PCB Footprint Expert
Free software for high-quality footprints. Effortlessly calculate and generate high-quality footprints in a fraction of the time it would take to create them using a CAD tool library editor. Download here.

PCB Libraries' PCB Footprint Expert


Free software for high-quality footprints. Effortlessly calculate and generate high-quality footprints in a fraction of the time it would take to create them using a CAD tool library editor. Download here


Printed Circuit University is pleased to announce the PCU bookstore

As always, our goal at UP Media Group, Inc. is to provide education including the latest techniques and technologies for the electronics and interconnect market.

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White Papers

White papers are a combination of papers and Feature Articles from various sources and focus on technology and techniques used in the engineering and design of printed circuit boards and system-based electronics. These selections are available to all members and subscribers to Printed Circuit University.


Member content Lectures are slide presentations that have been presented at a conference or developed for Printed Circuit University. They focus on a range of topics of interest to PCB engineers and designers. Most are PDF format and can be viewed by members and subscribers.


Member content videos focus on a specific topic, technique or technology. Some may focus on a methodology or process intended to increase productivity or efficiencies in the design process. The Videos are available to members and subscribers to Printed Circuit University.


PCU is a virtual campus for YOUR learning on YOUR time. Your FREE membership is available when you complete a simple registration. When you become a member of Printed Circuit University, you'll have immediate access to Lectures, White papers and Videos, and PCB Chats focused on the engineering, design, fabrication and assembly of printed circuit boards and related technologies.  In addition to the free membership, PCU offers single course subscriptions, annual subscriptions with unlimited access and corporate licenses.
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PCB Chat


Moderated question/answer sessions on PCB design, fabrication and assembly.  Come virtually face-to-face with experts and peers to ask questions, share problems and get solutions in real time in this exciting, one-of-a-kind forum!


Check out past transcripts here.

PRINTED CIRCUIT UNIVERSITY - Sponsorship Opportunities


Use to put your message in front of busy PCB professionals, while they are learning and training on-the-job.


Onsite conferences and trade shows, while extremely valuable, are not always readily or easily available to everyone. We all face hurdles such as slashed travel budgets and time away from the office. PRINTED CIRCUIT UNIVERSITY addresses these issues by harnessing the power of the Internet to mimic the networking and classroom setting and experience. It's the premier online training resource for professionals involved in the engineering and design of PCBs and related technologies.


Use PCU as a marketing tool and put your message front and center - right when engineers, designers and managers are looking for answers and educating themselves. Your marketing message can fit seamlessly within the PCU platform - whether you opt for a full sponsorship or simply choose to place a tile or banner on the site. Plus, with your sponsorship, you can take advantage of the opportunity to post content within the tuition-free area.


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Printed Circuit University has been developed to become the premier knowledge base for printed circuits - especially printed circuit design and engineering. We will do this by providing information and education on all areas of the engineering, design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and technologies that are closely related to PCBs.


While the current data base is very rich in content related to signal integrity, we have added tuition free content on other subjects of interest to the audience. We will continue to post tuition-free content on a weekly basis, and in the coming months we will be focusing on providing tuition-based Design Excellence curricula on the following topics:


  • DFM
  • Flex and rigid flex
  • RF/Microwave
  • HDI
  • Lead-free
  • FPGA
  • Embedded components

Corporate subscriber licenses are available to companies that want to make part or all of the Printed Circuit University content available to their employees. In addition to the standard corporate licenses, we can tailor a program to fit the needs of any size company.


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Design Excellence Lecture Series
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