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Flex Circuits

Speaker  :  
Ata Syed
Company : 
PFC Flexible Circuits

The 5 Ws of Flex Circuits is a breakdown of the basics of flexible circuits:

  • What is flex?
  • Why use flex?
  • Who should know flex?
  • When to use flex
  • Where to use flex


Presenter Ata Syed is a field application engineer with more than20 years of experience in printed circuit manufacturing.

Speaker  :  
Ata Syed
Company : 
PFC Flexible Circuits

Materials of Flex Circuits: Specifications and Applications covers the following:

  • Coverlays, cores, bond plies, adhesives and their suppliers 
  • Flex layer processing and stackup
  • Polyimides (adhesive and adhesiveless
  • Soldermask vs. coverlays
  • Stiffeners and their relative costs
  • EMI shield films
  • Strain relief

Presenter Ata Syed has more than 20 years of experience in flexible circuit and printed circuit manufacturing. 

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