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Next-Generation Materials: High-Speed, RF and HDI Designs


Michael R. Creeden
CID+, Insulectro

 3min 32sec

With this presentation, attendees will learn how materials matter in the 5G-world. From rigid laminates, copper styles and properties, flex materials, sintered paste OrMet for any-layer vias: all play a part of the design, manufacturing and performance of products. Attendees will receive a good understanding of basic EM theory, with a strong emphasis on material selection. This will cover aspects affecting interconnections and their respective EM fields. The design flow is from the start of the layout cycle all the way to the generation of deliverables and then into manufacturing. Emphasis is on the role that materials play to make a circuit cost-effective, perform well and be a reliable high-yield product. We will touch on all types of circuit technologies in many market segments. Focus is on integration between design and manufacturing early in the development cycle, to build a high-reliability product that is correct-by-construction and performs on Revision-1.

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