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VL-428 Measuring and Characterizing Loss

VL-428 Measuring and Characterizing Loss

Measuring loss is still the most effective way of rating the acceptance of a circuit board. In addition to design features, variation in the incoming materials and processing conditions can also affect the loss.  The most accurate way of evaluating the loss in a differential pair is using a 4-port VNA. While SDD21 is of value, there are some other tricks to use to extract the intrinsic loss of a line. These techniques are described in this lecture.  But, it’s not always practical to use a 4-port VNA, and most labs and fabs have a 2-port TDR. We show how a new technique introduced by Intel, the SET2DIL method, can be used with a 2-channel TDR to get a pretty good measurement of the losses in a differential pair transmission line.


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