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PDC-EPSI: Essential Principles of Signal Integrity$595.00

PDC-EPSI: Essential Principles of Signal Integrity

Printed Circuit University EPSI Professional Development Certification trains you to eliminate signal integrity problems from your designs. This online curriculum provides the convenience of learning on your schedule at your current location. After purchasing and then successfully completing this 40-hour online program, including the final exam, you will be awarded a Professional Development Certificate in Essential Principles of Signal Integrity. This is equivalent to 4 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). After logging in, your curriculum can be found at Continuing Education -> My Learning Center. 
You have six months to complete this online curriculum.

  • To pass a quiz, you must score 100%.

  • You may take a quiz as many times as needed in order to pass it.

  • Correct answers are noted, but no clues are given for wrong answers.

  • Price is $595; free for paid Subscribers.

As always, should you have any questions regarding any of the materials, you may contact Pete directly at


This feature is available only if you are logged in.PDC-EPSI: Essential Principles of Signal Integrity
Table of Contents
1. EPSI 01 Problems and Solutions (4 hrs) 2. EPSI 02 Characteristic Impedance and Return Currents (4 hrs) 3. EPSI 03 Reflections, Topologies and Terminations (4 hrs) 4. EPSI 04 Differential Impedance (4 hr) 5. EPSI 05 Cross Talk in Busses (5 hr) 6. EPSI 06 Ground Bounce (3 hr) 7. EPSI 07 Power Delivery Network Design (7 hr) 8. EPSI 08 High Frequency Effects (6 hr) 9. Final Exam (15 min)

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