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PCBC-014 Charlie Barnhart Chat

PCBC-014 Charlie Barnhart Chat

Coming October 4, 2 to 3 PM Eastern: Veteran electronics supply chain analyst Charlie Barnhart returns to discuss trends in the OEM-EMS relationship, onshoring/nearshoring, and the latest Outsourcing Navigator Council reports. The Outsourcing Navigator Council is a venue where Outsourcing Professionals can get real data-based answers to their questions.

CBA's just-published Outsourcing Navigator Council (ONC) Special Report Beyond Outsourcing: The Future of Electronics Manufacturing, indicates that the EMS industry is poised for seismic shifts in a direction that most will find unexpected. The data do not lie: OEMs and EMS should prepare for the next evolution of outsourcing, including mitigating the risks coming from the industry trends identified in the report. 


  • Shifting EMS/ODM business models
  • Rapidly increasing costs in China
  • Shrinking global EMS capacity
  • Shorter demand cycles


Join Charlie Barnhart online where he answers questions about what's next for outsourcing in electronics and receive a copy of the Table of Contents and Preface of this important report.

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