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PCBC-012 Cleaning Applications within the SMT Process

PCBC-012 Cleaning Applications within the SMT Process

Cleaning Applications within the SMT Process

Rescheduled from June 14!

Join Umut Tosun of Zestron for a moderated chat on the importance of cleaning within the SMT process. Topics of interest include:

  • Why clean PCBs?
  • Failure mechanisms and their impact on product reliability.
  • Determining "how clean is clean" / Surface analytics wash process control.
  • Maintaining conformal coating integrity.
  • Stencil, misprint and maintenance cleaning opportunities.

Tosun's chat takes place July 9 from 2 to 3pm Eastern. Questions may be submitted in advance.

Tosun is application technology manager at Zestron, and has published numerous technical articles in leading electronics manufacturing magazines, including CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY. As an active member of the SMTA and IPC, Tosun has authored and presented numerous technical papers and studies at the industry’s largest trade shows, such as IPC Apex Expo and SMTAI. He holds  bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. He joined Zestron in 2000. He will present at PCB West this fall.

PCB Chat is a moderated question/answer session featuring a new platform created by UP Media Group. Attendees can submit questions privately via this site up to two hours in advance of the chat, or while the chat is live. The chat moderator reviews the questions and chooses which will be answered. As questions are answered, they appear online in sequential fashion. After each chat session is over, the transcript is made available for on-demand viewing. Transcripts are also searchable.

To participate, you must be a registered member of Printed Circuit University.  Click here to sign up for your free membership.

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