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OLL-180 Rules Of Thumb

OLL-180 Rules Of Thumb

In this one-hour-and-20-minute online lecture, we look at more than 20 popular rules of thumb that you can use to get to an answer quickly, without needing a calculator. They range in topics from bandwidth to transmission lines and attenuation in lossy lines. View the free preview to see more. Ever wonder what the bandwidth of a clock signal is, or the bandwidth of a high-speed serial link? Or how much capacitance there is in a 50 ohm line, or how much inductance there is in a surface mount capacitor? What about how short a rise time can be transmitted through a 10-inch length of FR4? With the skills presented in this online lecture, you will be able to instantly estimate these and many more examples, using a collection of some of the more popular rules of thumb. Another key value of a rule of thumb is that it can provide keen insight into what is really important in a signal integrity problem. Master rules of thumb and you will be well on the way to building your signal integrity career. View the free preview to see more.

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