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OLL-115 Intro to Characteristic Impedance

OLL-115 Intro to Characteristic Impedance

Answers the question "What IS Characteristic Impedance?" This should be the starting place for every designer. In this one-hour-and-20-minute online lecture, we answer the important questions about what characteristic impedance really is, and what we really mean by the “impedance” of a transmission line. If you have ever wondered what it means to speak of a 50 ohm line, and how this can be independent of the length of the transmission line, this online lecture is for you. View the free preview to see more. We start with the absolute basics of what is a transmission line, what we mean by impedance, and apply this to understand what a signal sees when it moves down a line. We introduce the idea of the instantaneous impedance the signal sees, the absolutely most important electrical property a signal cares about as it propagates down an interconnect. Once we have established new intuition about impedance and characteristic impedance, we look at various tools that can be used to calculate it, and end with some insights on the return current distribution in transmission lines. By the end of this online lecture, you will see how to “be the signal”, and will be one step closer to building your career in signal integrity. View the free preview to see more. 

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