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OLL-101 Bandwidth of Signals with SPICE

OLL-101 Bandwidth of Signals with SPICE

With some problems involving signals, impedance, lossy lines and the power distribution, we can get to an answer faster by going through the frequency domain. Understanding the correct and incorrect uses of the frequency domain and the bandwidth of signals will increase your efficiency and help build your signal integrity career. Do you know why bandwidth is the most important quality of a signal, and what features of the signal affect it? Want to be able to estimate the bandwidth of a clock waveform or data waveform? Confused about the clock frequency vs. the analog frequency or the sine wave frequencies of a signal? Confused about what rule of thumb to use for bandwidth and rise time estimates and not sure how good they are anyway? Do you know what the bandwidth of high-speed serial link signals are related to? Want a simple and free tool to calculate the spectra of real clock waveforms? If you have ever encountered any of these questions, this Online Lecture is for you.

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