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OLL-004 Current Through a Capacitor

OLL-004 Current Through a Capacitor

In this 15-minute free online lecture, we answer this question: How does current get through the insulation between the conductors of a capacitor? This is one of the most fundamental and important questions in signal integrity. Understand this and you will understand return currents in transmission lines. We start with the basics of what is a capacitor and what is capacitance and address the question of how current flows through a capacitor. We look at what conditions influence the amount of current flow and how to train our intuition to think about current flow, even when there is insulating dielectric between the conductors. We then apply this new insight to two examples: current flow in the return path in a transmission line, and the return of common currents on external cables such as to peripherals, which are the number one source of radiated emissions. Understand these applications and you will be ahead of the curve and a step closer to building your career in signal integrity.

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