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Hands on Labs Let's See What We Have Here

These interactive workshops give you direct, hands-on experience using a fully functional, powerful simulation program that runs on your computer  You can follow the exercises, run your own simulations, and learn signal integrity by doing.

All the circuit files downloaded in these hands on labs are yours to keep and modify to answer your own " depends" questions.

A few labs use Micro-CAP SPICE from Spectrum-Soft Corp. Most of the labs use QUCS, Quite Universal Circuit Simulator. If you are not familiar with QUCS, be sure to start with HOL-119. In this lab, you will be able to download a fully functional copy of this simulator that runs on your computer.

HOL-120 provides you a collection of useful simulation circuits to explore signal integrity projects such as simulating a TDR or VNA, viewing S-parameter measurements from a VNA, simulating the spectrum of waveforms and many more examples.

Some of these labs are closely tied into the professional development curriculums and the continuing education curriculums.  You can find them linked in these online programs.

This is your opportunity to experience signal integrity. You will find that a simple, versatile and easy to use simulator will accelerate you up the signal integrity learning curve.

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