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CEC-410 Differential Pair Boot Camp$295.00

CEC-410 Differential Pair Boot Camp

In this continuing education curriculum, we give you a crash course in designing differential pairs. All high-speed serial links use differential channels. We dispel many of the misconceptions about their use and the right way to design these interconnects to minimize the four important signal integrity problems: losses, reflections, noise and mode conversion (LRN-M). If you touch a differential channel, this course will quickly bring you up to speed and give you a jump start in your designs.

Included with the video lectures are color PDF copies of the slides.

Price is $295; free for paid Subscribers.

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This feature is available only if you are logged in.CEC-410 Differential Pair Boot Camp
Table of Contents
1. Differential Pairs (3 hours) 2. Losses in Differential Pairs (3 hours) 3. Differential Circuits (3 hours) 4. Discontinuities (3 hours)

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