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CEC-400 High Speed Symposium$195.00

CEC-400 High Speed Symposium

If you are new to signal integrity or have many years of experience, you will find something of value in these lectures presented at the CPCA Show in Shanghai, China on March 17, 2010. We start out with the most important principle of signal integrity, introducing the instantaneous impedance the signal sees and the characteristic impedance of a transmission line. We then review four important design principles critical in all high-speed products to minimize the impact on signal integrity. These relate to routing choices we can make at the board level. We conclude this series of lectures with a thorough introduction to S-parameters for signal integrity applications and how to unlock their tremendous power. You will see how to describe the behavior of single-ended signals on interconnects, including the return and insertion loss, discontinuities and losses. Then we apply these principles to explore the behavior of differential signals on high-speed serial link channels. This lecture concludes with the differential S-parameters that describe mode conversion and its impact on differential insertion loss. If you deal with any digital products with clock frequencies above 100 MHz, you will find valuable design guidance in these lectures. Also included in this continuing education curriculum are additional lectures and readings to provide more details on these important topics. Price is $195; free for paid Subscribers.

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Table of Contents
1. Table of Contents (8 hours)

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