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As always, our goal at UP Media Group, Inc. is to provide education including the latest techniques and technologies for the electronics and interconnect market.

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PCB Currents: How They Flow, How They React

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PCB Currents: How They Flow, How They React by Douglas Brooks Description In PCB Currents,renowned PCB designer Douglas Brooks teaches essentials descriptively, in plain English, with as little reliance on mathematics as possible. Building on his widely praised seminars, Brooks explains what current is, how it flows, and how it reacts. He begins by reviewing the nature of current, and then explains current flow in basic circuits, discusses sources that supply and drive current, and addresses the unique problems associated with current on PCBs. Brooks concludes by thoroughly illuminating signal integrity issues caused by current flow. He offers practical design solutions for each common type of problem, as well as for complex challenges involving very high frequency harmonics and very short wavelengths. Perfect for PCB designers at all experience levels.   Features   Covers crucial electrical engineering aspects of board design that are difficult for new board designers to learn elsewhere Comprehensive: from basic current definitions and electronics laws to complex signal integrity issues Free Transmission Line Simulator helps engineers visualize signal behavior at the end of a transmission line Written in plain English, with minimal use of complex formulas By one of the field’s leading experts and most respected authors   About the Author Douglas Brooks has a B.S./E.E. and an M.S./E.E. from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He has had forty years of experience in the electronics industry, ranging from circuit design engineer on the space program to president of his own manufacturing company. For the past twenty years he has been president of UltraCAD Design, Inc., a premier PCB Design Service Bureau in the Pacific Northwest. Brooks has published hundreds of articles during his career. In the last twenty years, these articles have appeared in PCB Design Magazine, on Iconnect007’s websites, on Mentor Graphics’ web pages, and on UltraCAD’s web pages. In 2003, he published the book Signal Integrity Issues and Printed Circuit Board Design (Prentice Hall). Brooks served on the faculty of San Diego State University for three years and was a visiting associate professor at the University of Washington for one year. He has given numerous seminars on Signal Integrity Issues in PCB Design over the past fifteen years all over the United States and in Moscow, Beijing and Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. Brooks finally retired in 2012.   ISBN-10: 0133415333 • ISBN-13: 9780133415339 ©2013 • Prentice Hall • Cloth, 400 pp  Published 05/17/2013

Printed Circuit Board Basics: An Introduction to the PCB Indust

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About Printed Circuit Board Basics, Fourth Edition Help your customers and employees with this easy-to-read handbook on printed circuit board manufacturing. Printed Circuit Board Basics makes printed circuit boards a snap for anyone to understand! From design and manufacturing to purchasing to considerations for managing the business, concepts are explained in simple terms. This book is a must-read if you are new to printed circuit boards and a valuable resource for anyone who works in the industry. The Fourth Edition of Printed Circuit Board Basics contains:   An updated primer on single-, double-sided and multilayer PCB manufacturing processes A review of new technologies such as embedded components and microvias (HDI) Updated PCB specifications A history of the industry Detailed, updated graphics - over 45 color photos and illustrations Details on managing the business An updated glossary of terms and definitions - twice the size of previous editions! And much more! Published by UP Media Group Inc., Printed Circuit Board Basics, Fourth Edition, is authored by Dan Beaulieu, a 30-year industry veteran, and edited by Mike Buetow, editor in chief of Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture Magazine.   Sample Pages View these sample pages for a preview of the inside of the book (PDF format): Page 27 - Manufacturing PCBs Page 54 - The Multilayer Process Page 65 - Revised, expanded glossary About the Author Over the course of more than 30 years in the printed circuit board industry, Dan Beaulieu has become known as one of its leading experts on marketing, sales and strategy. The top sales executive at three major PCB fabricators - Maine Electronics, General Circuits and Automated Systems - Mr. Beaulieu in 1996 cofounded D.B. Management Group, a consulting firm that specializes in increased sales through custom strategies and tactics, niche definition, marketing communications, and sales force management and motivation. Mr. Beaulieu is also a well-known industry commentator, and contributes regularly to several trade magazines including Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture. Mr. Beaulieu is a member of Sales and Marketing Executives of America and a Certified Marketing Executive (CME) and a Certified Sales Executive (CSE).

Signal and Power Integrity Simplified - 2nd Edition

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Signal and Power Integrity Simplified - 2nd Edition by Dr Eric Bogatin   The #1 Practical Guide to Signal Integrity Design—Now Updated with Extensive New Coverage!This book brings together up-to-the-minute techniques for finding, fixing, and avoiding signal integrity problems in your design. Drawing on his work teaching more than five thousand engineers, world-class signal and power integrity expert Eric Bogatin systematically reviews the root causes of all six families of signal integrity problems and shows how to design them out early in the design cycle. This edition’s extensive new content includes a brand-new chapter on S-parameters in signal integrity applications, and another on power integrity and power distribution network design—topics at the forefront of contemporary electronics design.Coverage includes    A fully up-to-date introduction to signal integrity and physical design How design and technology selection can make or break the performance of the power distribution network Exploration of key concepts, such as plane impedance, spreading inductance, decoupling capacitors, and capacitor loop inductance Practical techniques for analyzing resistance, capacitance, inductance, and impedance Solving signal integrity problems via rules of thumb, analytic approximation, numerical simulation, and measurement Understanding how interconnect physical design impacts signal integrity Managing differential pairs and losses Harnessing the full power of S-parameters in high-speed serial link applications Ensuring power integrity throughout the entire power distribution path Realistic design guidelines for improving signal integrity, and much more Unlike books that concentrate on theoretical derivation and mathematical rigor, this book emphasizes intuitive understanding, practical tools, and engineering discipline. Designed for electronics industry professionals from beginners to experts it will be an invaluable resource for getting signal integrity designs right the first time, every time. ISBN-10: 0-13-234979-5 • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-234979-6 • ©2013 • Prentice Hall • Published 07/07/2009